Articles about Córdoba and the most important places in the city that you should visit.

There are a lot of  things to do in Córdoba , Andalucía has what can best be described as a busy calendar of fiestas and ferias. Many events are rooted firmly in religious tradition, while other festivals are very much centred around Spanish music and the arts.

Some are known the world over, whilst others take place in relative obscurity. What they all have in common is their sheer exuberance and vibrancy. May is usually seen as being the height of the fiesta season, when many of the largest events in the city take place.

There are, however, things to do in Cordoba all through the year, although there is a particularly good choice of cultural offerings during the summer months. The International Film Music Festival in June is followed by the Feria Barriada de El Higuerón each July, the Feria Barriada de Alcolea in August and then the Vela de la Fuensanta every September.

Semana Santa – Holy Week in Cordoba is a solemn occasion. It starts with Palm Sunday and the procession of the Borriquita and ends with the procession of the Risen. Throughout the week, some 35 Brotherhoods parade through the city’s streets. The event attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Cata del Vino – a wine tasting like no other. Wine producers gather together in Cordoba to offer a selection of their best wines.

Festival y Concurso de Patios – Cordoba’s patios and streets burst into flower. Festivities kick off with a ‘Battle of the Flowers’.

Cruces de Mayo Festival – celebrated by creating large flower-adorned crosses, which are displayed throughout the city. Prizes are awarded for the best crosses.

Noche Blanca del Flamenco – the ‘White Night of Flamenco’ takes place in the city’s streets and squares. As well as flamenco displays, there are also poetry, music and drama performances. Expect to be in the company of vast crowds of spectators.

Festival de la Guitarra – held during the first two weeks of July each year, this renowned event celebrates guitar music from all over the world. Concerts are staged at venues all over the city and guitar courses are held to encourage others to take up the instrument.

Cosmopoética – poets from around the world gather in Cordoba at the end of September.

These are just some examples of things to do in Córdoba. The city has become a paradise for instagramers, and here we leave some travel blog that will make the visit much more complete.