Easter in Cordoba

Festivals and traditions of Córdoba

Easter in Cordoba

Easter in Cordoba means the public manifestation of the people’s religious faith. In the “Cofradías”, (Religious associations) we find the combination of different factors, cultural, artistic, historic, musical, anthropologic, etc, that have no meaning without the celebration of the mystery of the Passion of Jesus, death and resurrection. All these celebrations are organized around the different religious processions.

Some of the “Cofradías” have a history that goes back centuries, founded to fill in social needs of certain areas or professional collectives. Other associations have been created around the devotion to images or some parish churches .

Those who go to spend Easter in Cordoba for the first time, will be able to differentiate two types of religious marches, the noisy ones and the silent ones. Although it is easy to differentiate between both of them, the first type wears bright colours and plays joyful music and the second type has more of a funeral air; but there are more subtle differences that keep evolving with time.

One of the biggest characteristic of Easter in Cordoba is that it passes through the Old part of the city, that is, the Historic Center of Cordoba, part of which has been declared World Heritage Site. Cordoba is, an all year round, tourists destination for many people, but at Easter it becomes even more visited, since it offers, along with its monuments, a unique visual show.


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