3 days in the Patios of Cordoba

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3 days in the Patios of Cordoba

Are you coming to spend a few days in the Patios of Cordoba but you still don’t know what to do during those days? Here we leave you a route that we have lovingly prepared, so that your visit to the courtyards of Cordoba will be a unique and unforgettable experience.


First day in the Patios

As usual when you arrive in a new city, the first day you are eager to see everything, but you have to be patient, especially on the dates of the Patios of Cordoba, as the city is usually full of people like you. The Patios of Cordoba are divided into 6 routes, although their original division is according to the type of architecture, either modern or ancient, but to visit them it is easier to be guided by the different routes. On our page dedicated to the Patios of Cordoba this year, you can find details of the different routes. Please note that the patios close at midday, so we will take advantage of these hours to recharge our batteries.

Morning: For the first day, as we have said, we recommend starting the day on the “Alcázar Viejo” route, where you should be ready to enter at around 10.30 in the morning (it is the first day, so getting up early is no problem). This route is made up of 8 patios, which in one morning should give you enough time to see them all. When we finish seeing the Patios on this route, it should be a good time to have a beer and some pinchos de tortilla in the bar Santos, a must if you come to Cordoba. It is located on one of the sides of the Mosque-Cathedral.

Afternoon: We take advantage of the fact that the Patios of Cordoba are closed to visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. The visit without a guide costs 10€, and in approximately 30 minutes you see the monument, although we recommend the guided tour, which costs 23€ but you really know what you’re seeing and it’s well worth it. It lasts about 1 hour. After the visit to the Mosque-Cathedral, having a coffee on the terrace of the hotel “El Balcón de Córdoba” is a very good option to take a break. At sunset, a visit to the Alcazar of Cordoba is a must. You can do it with a guide, although it is a place to go without haste and take some impressive photos.

Night: From there, you can have dinner nearby in any of the restaurants around the Mosque – Cathedral, you can eat well, forget the concept that exists in other cities of “this must be for tourists, let’s go a little further away”. To end the day, if you still have energy left, a flamenco show of the many that Cordoba has to offer, either Arte y Sabores de Cordoba or El Cardenal, are always good options.


Second day in the Patios

Day 2: After having successfully completed the first day, we venture to face the second day of our trip, we are going to offer you the routes that are further away from the tourist centre, and that especially if you come during the week, you might find them practically without waiting. Today will be a picnic day, so we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes as we will not stop all day. We will visit 4 of the routes of the Patios of Cordoba.

Morning: We will start with the Santiago – San Pedro route. The first courtyard of this route is located in Barrionuevo street 22, it opens its doors at 11.00, so we recommend you to be there at that time. Throughout the morning we will see the 7 Patios of this route plus the 8 of the Regina – Realejo route. On this route the crowds are usually smaller, so it is quite likely that we will have time to visit them all. As on our first day of the trip, we will take advantage of the closing of the Patios of Cordoba to visit another of the essential monuments on your visit to Cordoba: the Palacio de Viana. In addition, with this visit we will enter in two other routes of Patios that we will visit at the exit of the Palace. As we have warned you, it is picnic day. But even so, the traditional taverns around the Realejo neighbourhood are highly recommended.

Afternoon: If we still have time before starting the afternoon Patios of Cordoba route (from 18.00), it is essential to visit the Church of San Agustin, its altarpiece and architecture is simply spectacular. We will also take the opportunity to visit the routes of San Lorenzo and Santa Marina – San Agustín, where you will find the most renowned Patios of Cordoba in the city. In total there are 18 Patios. If you don’t have time to see them all, we recommend the 5 best Patios.

Night: At the end of the Patios, if we still have energy left to enjoy this wonderful city, we can not finish without a walk along the Cuesta del Bailio and enjoy the wonderful monument Cristo de los Faroles when night falls, it will give you one of the most photographed pictures of the city.


Third day in the Patios

Day 3 : This will probably be your last day in Cordoba. That’s why we have prepared a special day, to enjoy the most charming places and put the finishing touch to your trip to Cordoba to see the Patios. It is a day to take a thousand photos, to keep your eyes wide open because you will love everything, but be patient as we return to the most touristy part of Cordoba.

Tomorrow: Today we are going to see the last remaining route of Patios, the route Juderia – San Francisco. Although we will mix this route with visits to other squares that we think are a must on your visit to Cordoba. Our first stop will be at the Plaza del Potro, around 10.30 – 11-00 in the morning. For art lovers, right in this square we have the Fine Arts Museum and the Julio Romero de Torres Museum, a renowned Cordovan painter. From there, and passing by the Compás de San Francisco, we will go to visit 4 Patios of our route today, the ones located in Maese Luis street, awarded for several years with the first prize. To recharge your batteries, we recommend having tapas in any of the taverns in the Plaza de la Corredera, named the most beautiful square in Spain in 2017.

Afternoon: From the square, we will return to the area of the Mosque to see the remaining Patios of Cordoba, passing first through the majestic Roman Temple, which is free of charge, and the Plaza Jerónimo Páez. Anyone visiting Cordoba cannot leave without first passing through its famous Calle de las Flores, which at around 19.00 is the perfect time to arrive and fit the Mosque-Cathedral into its streets. We will take the opportunity to see the 4 remaining courtyards of our route of the Jewish Quarter.

Night: At the closing of the courtyards, we make several recommendations: the Equestrian Show that is organized in the Royal Stables of Cordoba is a great finishing touch to your trip, the entrance costs 15€, but the experience is unique. Alternatively, stroll around the Roman Bridge, the Ribera or have a drink in any of its terraces, and you will take away unforgettable memories of this Caliphate city.


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