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Programme of festivities in Cordoba 2024

A programme with more than 30 not-to-be-missed events in Cordoba in 2024

As every year, Cordoba fills its agenda with activities to do during almost 365 days of the year. The programme of festivities in Cordoba for the coming year 2024, brings us a year full of opportunities for all tastes. As it could not be otherwise, the first big event will be the great parade of Their Majesties the Magi, to finish with the Christmas 2024 programme.


Cordoba’s festivities in January 2024

On January 5th, we will enjoy the arrival of Their Majesties the Three Wise Men. A magical day when the youngest members of the family will enjoy the best day of the year.

The medieval market will celebrate a new edition. It will take place from 26th to 28th January. Three days in which the area around the Roman bridge returns to its beginnings, taking us back to another era.


Festivities in Cordoba in February 2024

The programme of festivities in Cordoba during the month of February has a great protagonist: the carnival. On 21 January, election of the sultan and salmorejá. The group competition is held from 24 to 3 February, while the street celebrations begin on 10 February, the day of the parade. The big Cordoba carnival parade takes place on 18 February.


Festivities in Cordoba in March 2024

Passion Week will fill the streets with the smell of incense and the sound of bugles and drums. Easter Week in Cordoba is celebrated from 24th March to 31st March.



Festivities in Cordoba in April 2024

April will be a month full of activities. Before the already well-known Cordoba May, the month of April in Cordoba will offer us some events not to be missed.

On 21 April we can enjoy the first pilgrimage of the year. The Santo Domingo pilgrimage kicks off the pilgrimages in Cordoba.

Between 17 and 21 April, a new edition of the Cata del Vino (Wine Tasting) will be held. This event attracts more and more people every year.

The finishing touch to the month of April in Cordoba will be the Battle of the Flowers. On 28 April, the Paseo de la Victoria will be the setting for a real battle, in which the protagonists, once again this year, will be the roses and carnations that will be thrown from the floats.



Festivities in Cordoba in May 2024

May in Cordoba will be, as always, the most special month in the city. A month in which Cordoba is full of life and magic is breathed in its streets.

From the 26th of April to the 1st of May, we will enjoy the Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses) competition. All the squares and corners of the city are decorated and their crosses are adorned with floral decorations. Music and good food do the rest.

The second pilgrimage of the year is that of the Virgen de Linares. The 5th of May should be a day marked in the calendar for pilgrimage lovers.

The Festival de los Patios de Córdoba and the Rejas y Balcones competition will take place between the second and third week of May. From 2 to 12 May, the Patios of Cordoba will once again be the centre of the world for flower lovers.

Finally, from 18 to 25 May, the long-awaited Cordoba Fair will take place.



Festivities in Cordoba in June 2024

On the 15th of June, a new edition of the white night of flamenco will turn Cordoba into an obligatory place to visit for flamenco lovers. The best national and international artists will gather once again in the streets of the city, in what will be an unforgettable night.


Fiestas in Cordoba in July 2024

The first fortnight of July in Cordoba is marked by the Guitar Festival.

In addition, a large number of neighbourhoods celebrate their fairs:

Feria del Higuerón: from the 3rd to the 7th of July.
Villarrubia Fair: from 12 to 16 July.
Cerro Muriano Fair: from 24th to 28th July.
Alcolea Fair: 1 to 4 August.



Fiestas in Cordoba in September 2024

The “velá de la Fuensanta” marks the beginning of the programme of festivities in September. From the 6th to the 9th of September, the Fuensanta neighbourhood will be celebrating its velá, in what will be some unforgettable nights.

Horse lovers are in luck, as they will be able to enjoy a new edition of Cabalcor. From 3 to 20 September, Cordoba will host the best examples of these beautiful animals.

Finally, culture comes to Cordoba in the form of Cosmopoética. A new edition will be held from 27 September to 5 October.


Cordoba Festivals in October 2024

The International Flower Festival, Flora, will turn Cordoba into the centre of attention for the fourth consecutive edition. The best floral artists from around the world will compete in our city to win the much-prized prize. Flora 2024 will take place from 14 to 24 October.



We will be updating the programme of festivals in Cordoba, so that you don’t miss any of the events that our city has to offer. If you know of any more, leave us a comment and we will update the list.


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