What to see in Córdoba in one day

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What to see in Córdoba

What to see in Córdoba in one day, a difficult challenge to achieve but not impossible

If you come to the city, you will discover that there are countless things to see in Córdoba. We recommend that you try to come at least two days. But if it is not and unfortunately you only have one day to see the Caliphate city, here is a guide to see the essentials in Córdoba during your day:

During the morning:

There are two essential visits in the morning. One of them is the majestic Alcazar of Cordoba. It is one of the most beautiful fortresses in Spain, being among its gardens one of the beginnings of a trip that would change the history of humanity, the trip to the Indies of Christopher Columbus. Right next to the Alcazar, in the San Basilio neighborhood, we can enjoy the Patios de Córdoba, without a doubt, one of the best options to do in Córdoba.

These two visits should take approximately three hours, so it is a good time to eat. Although in other cities, eating in the historic center has high prices, this is not the case in Córdoba. You can enjoy authentic restaurants with traditional cuisine in the surroundings of the riverside or in the Jewish quarter.


During the afternoon:

Without a doubt, the Mosque of Córdoba is a monument that you must see in Córdoba. Declared a World Heritage Site, its unique architecture and the combination between Mosque and Cathedral, make it a unique monument in the world. We recommend you to take a guided tour of the Mosque of Cordoba, since in this way you can save your waiting times at the monument to the maximum (sometimes they reach one hour), as well as thoroughly enjoy it. Then enjoy a walk with incredible views of the Roman Bridge. To finish, and if you still have time, we recommend you to do some free tour, as legends of the Jewish quarter, in which you can discover this emblematic neighborhood in depth.

This little guide to see Córdoba in one day will leave you wanting to visit us again, but we hope you find it useful when planning your trip to the city of Califal. We wait for you in the most beautiful city in the world.

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