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Alcazar of Cordoba

The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is one of the most emblematic buildings in Cordoba.

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs is a fortress and palace, which contains a large part of the architectural evolution of Cordoba. The Catholic Monarchs ruled there for eight years and the Infanta Doña María and Don Juan were also born there.

Of the four towers that delimited the perimeter of the Alcazar of Cordoba, only three remain, under one of which, known as the Lion Tower, is the entrance to the monument:

Tower of the lions of the Alcazar

The Tower of the Lions, located to the northwest of the building, is currently the main entrance to the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. It is named after the gargoyles attached to the top of the tower.

Tower of Homage

This octagonal tower is where people swore an oath to defend the fortress and where the proclamations of kings and royal audiences and high dignitaries were made. In the Torre del Homenaje, Christopher Columbus requested funds for his maritime adventure in 1486.

Tower of the Inquisition

The tower known as the Tower of the Inquisition, also known as the Tower of the Gardens, located to the southwest and with a circular floor plan, is later than all the other towers of the Alcazar of Córdoba. The former chapel of the Inquisition was transformed in the middle of the last century into the Hall of the Mosaics, so called because its walls were decorated with sumptuous Roman mosaics rescued from the underground areas of the Plaza de la Corredera. Today it is used as a hall for the most solemn municipal celebrations.

Tower of Las Palomas

Of the two courtyards, the Mudejar courtyard stands out for its beauty. With marble paving, the murmur of the water running through the canals and pools refreshes the atmosphere and relaxes the weary visitor.

Gardens of the Alcazar of Cordoba

The extensive gardens of the Alcazar, formerly the Huerta del Alcázar, were transformed into magnificent gardens with a variety of species surrounding fountains and ponds. Within the gardens we can highlight the so-called Paseo de los Reyes, where the statues of all the kings who have been linked to the Alcazar are located.

It has been a Historical Monument since 1931.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.


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