Company Square

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Company Square

The Plaza de la Compañía is located in the historic centre of the city of Cordoba.

Next to the Plaza de las Tendillas, the square is shaped by the different buildings in it, such as the Royal Pious Schools (the former Santa Catalina School), the current Provincial Historical Archive (the former Church of Santo Domingo de Silos), the Church of El Salvador and Santo Domingo de Silos and the Tower of the Church of Santo Domingo de Silos, among others. Also characteristic of this square is the Triumph of San Rafael in the Plaza de la Compañía. The square is joined from north to south and from east to west by the streets Conde de Cárdenas, Calle del Reloj, Calle Santa Victoria and Duque de Hornachuelos.

Triumph of San Rafael

The Triunfo de San Rafael, which is located in the Plaza de la Compañía, was one of the first in the city. It was built by the contributions made by the faithful for its construction on the site that is still preserved in 1736.

It used to have a gate separating the Triumph from the faithful, which was powered first by oil lamps and then by gas. This gate was removed in the mid-20th century.

It consists of a tier on which rises a quadrilateral pedestal of black marble, with gilded squares with Latin inscriptions; above it rise four slender white columns, supporting the crest with a cloud on which rests the gilded image of Saint Raphael. This sculpture is by the little-known artist Juan Jiménez, and the whole of the work, which includes four gates with columns at the angles, supporting lanterns, was executed by the stonemason Alonso Pérez, all paid for with the alms collected by the venerable Father Juan de Santiago, of the Society of Jesus, and whom we will make better known when we deal with it.

Of the inscriptions we copy only the first, which is as follows: D. O. M. / Archangelo. Cordubae in tutelan constituto / Protomedico cujus potenti. medicina / Cordubae. praestat, pastiti, pratabitque / deniceps, incolumis / jurato. Cordubae custodi. Santissimo / principi. Raphaeli / collegium. societatis. Jesu / Cordubae ipsa. adfavente. et. opem. ferente / in. oblivionis. anathema / monumentum. hoc. posuit/ anno MDCCXXXVI.

Four lanterns, powered by gas, illuminate this simple but beautiful monument, the cost of which was borne by several devotees, who formerly gave the oil by a rota established among themselves. It has not lost those lights, but it has lost much of the fervour it once had, being adorned with a multitude of flowers on its two festivities, 7th May and 24th October, and whenever a procession passed through this small square.

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